In-wall linkage controller (customized)

The Breathforce linkage controller (LYN) is an important part of indoor air quality monitoring and governance programs. One end is connected to the indoor air quality monitoring system, and the other end is connected to fresh air equipment (including most: dehumidifiers, fresh air fans, and central air conditioners), thereby realizing automatic optimization of indoor air quality. Users can freely choose among three modes (WHO, China Health, and Indoor Air Quality Standards) to perform air quality conversion at different levels. It not only saves worry, effort, energy, and carbon reduction, but also accepts product customization services to fully meet customer needs.

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· Linkage control: dehumidifier control, fresh air fan control, central air conditioning control (most of them)

· Program application: air quality monitoring and governance solutions, environmental quality monitoring and governance solutions

· Scene applications: office buildings, school classrooms, airport stations, medical beauty centers, commercial centers, brand hotels


· The product provides customized services

· Suitable for Breathforce air monitoring and management system

· Online display: PM2.5, carbon dioxide, TVOC, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity and other parameters Free choice of three air quality modes (WHO index mode, China health index mode, indoor air quality standard mode)

· Timed setting, energy saving and carbon reduction

· Connect the fresh air blower to realize multiple controls (on/off, volume, mode, auto, etc.)

· Filter and filter life reminder

· Mobile phone remote control

· (Three modes for customization)


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