DST Gateway is a field intelligent data collection terminal in the industrial Internet of Things platform, which can easily realize remote data collection and remote maintenance of field equipment. At the same time, it supports multiple industrial equipment driver protocols, multiple communication interfaces, multiple Internet access methods, and cloud server support. At the same time, the remote management platform can be directly used to realize remote configuration, diagnosis and management functions.

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· Can be connected to a variety of environmental monitoring terminal equipment to receive data stably in real time

· A variety of communication methods can be selected, and the optimized data can be uploaded to the cloud server


· Strong compatibility, can support multiple types of terminal equipment

· High stability, which can greatly reduce the probability of data packet loss

· Faster speed, second-level information collection, reducing traffic consumption

· Wide application range, can be connected to a variety of network communication protocols

· Remote management, online configuration, diagnosis and update

· Easy operation, which can reduce the repair rate of equipment and platform failures


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