Air Quality Monitoring Station AQX

AQX is an online monitoring system that provides cost-effective, multi-component gas factors. The system can monitor a variety of conventional gaseous pollutants and particulate matter. It can also be equipped with weather, ultraviolet radiation, noise, etc. parameter. AQX adopts advanced optical detection and gas sensor technology, combined with Diqin Technology's many years of sensor and gas monitoring experience, and the semiconductor ozone monitoring technology authorized by Aeroqual of New Zealand, combined with an advanced pump suction negative pressure sampling system, each gas contains one A separate sampling gas chamber provides users with high-precision monitoring data at the atmospheric environment level.

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· Urban atmospheric grid monitoring, supplementary monitoring of standard air stations

· Hot spot environmental monitoring in public places, communities and streets

· Unorganized online monitoring of toxic and harmful gases in industrial parks

· Intelligent online monitoring of the factory

· Traffic environment monitoring, tunnel environment monitoring

· Environmental monitoring of petroleum, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, and spraying companies

· Research institutes, colleges and universities, third-party testing units

· Monitoring of atmospheric environment in mines, docks, and airports

· Vehicle-mounted mobile navigation monitoring


· Monitoring of 6 parameters of air pollution

· Real-time data upload to cloud server

· Modular design

· IP55 protection

· Power-off protection (6 hours)

· System crashes and restarts automatically

· Supporting Atmosphere Smart Monitoring Platform 2.0

· Online query of equipment operating status

· Air pollution trend analysis

· Meshing points

· Contribute to the traceability of pollution sources


Air Quality Monitoring Station AQX parameter

Air Quality Monitoring Station AQX parameter

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Air Quality Monitoring Station AQX

Atmospheric Monitoring Platform 2.0:

Atmospheric Monitoring Platform

· Grid monitoring layout

Atmospheric Monitoring Platform

· Satellite map positioning

Atmospheric Monitoring Platform

· Online query of air micro-station data and operating status

Atmospheric Monitoring Platform

· Pollution trend rose chart query

Atmospheric Monitoring Platform

· Access to pollution statistics calendar


Air Quality Monitoring Station AQX

· More application scenarios

Air Quality Monitoring Station AQX

· Professional technical support

(Note: The technical parameters such as the specific equipment range can be customized according to customer needs!)