Plasma air purifier Umi-101

Plasma air purifier (umi-101) is an air treatment equipment under breathforce brand based on DGP plasma killing technology. It adopts micro nano technology to realize air ionization in wide area space, construct active inactivation area, inactivate bacteria and viruses, decompose TVOC and odor gas molecules, and settle all kinds of dust, so as to achieve the role of active purification of air quality around the space.

Instrument certification:

·Y420 bacteria removal test report

·Test report of plasma sterilization purifier

·Detection report of influenza A virus H1N1

·Electrical performance test report

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Air treatment


 Effect application:

· Inactivated microbial contamination: bacteria, viruses

· Decomposition of gaseous pollutants: formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC

· Pollution of settled particles: PM2.5, pollen and dust

· Remove odor: cigarette odor, pet odor and cooking odor

 Product application:

· Home residence: bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom

· Office building: office space, office, meeting room, tea room

· Business center: brand stores, chain stores and restaurants

· School classrooms: kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and universities

· Medical Beauty Center: hospital, beauty salon, confinement center, fitness club

· Hotels: brand hotels and Resorts


· Safe sterilization: positive and negative ion sterilization

· Man machine coexistence: the operation of the instrument does not actively produce pollutants

· Active purification: actively capture pollutants and improve air quality

· Non replaceable filter screen: no filter screen, zero consumables

· Lower energy consumption: energy saving and power saving

· Leisurely and quiet: silent mode, light tone operation

· Easy maintenance: simple cleaning and easy maintenance


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